should i change the voxel size 3 3 3 fixed in dparsf to 2 2 2, that is fixed in SPM 8 when default mode ?

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Hi, admistrator  
first, above all,  thank you for providing your program 

Our researchers have studied ADHD adolescent and their brain activity used in fMRI.
Our study is block design and I have analysed this by using SPM8.
lately, I informed DPARSF program. It's very comvenient and brilliant tool.
But I don't know whether I should change the voxel size 3 3 3 which is already determined in DPARSF program to 2 2 2 which is determined in SPM 8  or not. ( In SPM 8, default voxel size is fixed (determined) 2 2 2 .) 

Should I leave the voxel size 3 3 3 in DPARSF even though the voxel size of fMRI set point which we used is 3.8 3.8 4 ?
Should I change the determined voxel size 3 3 3 to 2 2 2 which is default voxel size in SPM 8?
or Should I change the determined voxel size 3 3 3 to 3.8 3.8 4 which is the voxel size of our fMRI set point? 

I ask to be excused my poor ability in english, thank you. Have a nice day