question about the result of functional connectivity

hello.  I am using the REST program and had a quick question.  I am trying to use the functional connectivity aspect of the program and had a quick question on what it gives me as a result.  I am using the voxel wise function and I am masking a certain region and trying to calculate connectivity between that region and other regions in the brain.  I got the program to work I just am not sure exactly what the colors mean that the result gives me.  Does a lighter color mean that that area is the most similar to my region of interest.  Does it mean that it is more activated than my region?  or is it the percent difference between the mean time series of my region?  or something else.   Basically I just want to know exactly what the results are showing.  Thanks!


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If you open the FCMap_*: the functional connectivity map was generated by the Pierson's correlation analysis.
If you open the zFCMap_*: the correlation coefficient maps were converted into z maps by Fisher's r-to-z transform to improve the normality.
You can find the meaning of the color from the color bar in the right side.
The higher value (dark red) means that that area is the most similar to your region of interest.
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