method about REST

i am just reading a review :Default-mode brain dysfunction in mental disorders: A systematic review.  in this article the REST software is mentioned as a methods and measurement models to investigate the is said:
  "The assessment of resting brain networks using the BOLD
response may be achieved through a number of methods. Two of
which, region-of-interest (ROI) seed-based correlation approaches
and ICA, are most commonly employed in the literature."
i want to know the method of REST(Reho,FC,ALFF,FALFF) are based on which one.i am not familiar with this knowledge as a medical staff.
thanks very much.


REST in this website is a software. We have three methods in this software: linear correlation (for functional connectivity), ReHo and ALFF (including fALFF). Linear correlation is similar to that mentioned in that review. Independent component analysis (ICA) is another data-driven method for functional connectivity analysis. Functional connecvitity methods measure the relationship between remote brain areas. ReHo and ALFF are for measuring local features of resting-state BOLD signal. Please see related papers.