the problem when i use the Functional connectivity

when i use the Functional connectivity to analysis a patient's data,i meet a problem ,I think i  finish the programme as suggested in the video,but after i typing the DONE ALL,there is an error jumping out:

Expection occured:
Error using==>rest_Writeniftilmage at 92 Meet error while writing the data,

i do not know what that mean,hope can be told as soon as possible.thanks.


Sorry for the later reply since I have gone out for a vacation.
Plese refer to : Fix the error of reading and writing NIfTI images in REST on multiple OS (especially 64 bit linux)
Hope it works this time.
Best wishes!

   i have run the mentlab orders u given,then i run the FC,still have the same the way i have ren the Reho and ALFF successfully,if it's a problem about writing date,why just happened in FC.
   thanks for your last message.

Please give more details about the error in FC.
It's weird the error did not happened in ReHo and ALFF.
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it's the error on matlab:
ROI time course retrieving through "ROI Center(mm)=(30, 18, 3); Radius=5.00 mm.".

  Seed ROI Definition: ROI Center(mm)=(30, 18, 3); Radius=5.00 mm.
   Brain Size: (61  73  61),  Voxel Size: (3  3  3),  Origin: (31  43  25)
   Contained Voxel count: 19

Exception occured. ()
 Error using ==> rest_WriteNiftiImage at 92
Meet error while writing the data
 92#line,  rest_WriteNiftiImage, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\rest_WriteNiftiImage.m"
 79#line,  rest_writefile, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\rest_writefile.m"
 112#line,  rest_SphereROI, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\rest_SphereROI.m"
 126#line,  fc, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\fc.m"
 1323#line,  btnComputeFC_Callback, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\fc_gui.m"
 96#line,  gui_mainfcn, in "C:\MATLAB\R2009a\toolbox\matlab\guide\gui_mainfcn.m"
 35#line,  fc_gui, in "C:\MATLAB\REST2007V1.3_090525\fc_gui.m"

by the way,before this error  there are always warnings while running the rest on matlab:
nic_spm_slice_vol.mexw32 now shadows nic_spm_slice_vol.dll.
 Please see the MATLAB 7.1 Release Notes.
> In nic_spm_read_vols at 39
  In rest_ReadNiftiImage at 86
  In rest_readfile at 61
  In rest_to4d at 42
  In fc at 30
  In fc_gui>btnComputeFC_Callback at 1323
  In gui_mainfcn at 96
  In fc_gui at 35


What's your output directory name?
Please avoid use chinese characters or space in the output path and filename.
Best wishes!

   i do not use chinese name,i change a version of matlab,then everything is ok now.before i used matlab 2009,now i use matlab 7.0.thanks for your help.