Seed ROI coordinate

Dear RESTers,
I am using Functional Connectivity of REST 1.3. In the Set ROI-->Voxel wise-->Seed ROI--->Define a seed ROI by setting the center cordinate and the radius, I need to input a set of coordinate. Is that Talairach or MNI?


That depends on which space the images are spatially normalized to.

If spatial normalization is performed in SPM, the center cordinate should be taken in MNI space. If you use AFNI to spatially normalize the images to Talairach and Tournoux space, the center cordinate is in Talairach space.

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Thank you for your reply.

I just saw the preprocessing multimedia course, and now fully understood the precedures.

Just one more question: have anyone used DARTEL toolbox of SPM to do the preprocessing of Rest-fmri data? Because I used DARTEL to process the structure MRI and want to corelate with Rest-fmir. I doult it is more convinced if I can use DARTEL tool box to preprocess the rest-fmir instead of the traditional SPM5 preprosessing. Does any one have any idea?

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I think you can use DARTEL to preprocess your data.
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