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 Dear all -
I extracted the connectivity matrix between all ROIs from the atlases provided with DPARSFA (AAL, Craddock, Dosenbach, ...). How do I find out the name of each ROI for each atlas? For the Harvard Oxford Atlas a file with anatomical labels is provided, but I'm not sure on how to use that.
In short, my question is: How do I can the names for the ROIs of the atlases provided with DPARSFA?
Thank you very much for your help.

YAN Chao-Gan

Fri, 11/02/2012 - 02:00

1. AAL Atlas
The AAL atlas is the same as provided in MRIcroN. You can find the details of each region from
2. Harvard Oxford Atlas
The atlas is based on the Harvard Oxford atlas files (thresholded at probability 25%) provided in FSL:
HarvardOxford-cort-maxprob-thr25-2mm.nii.gz (cortical)
HarvardOxford-sub-maxprob-thr25-2mm.nii.gz (subcortical)
Given the order in the original files were not easy to use in extracting ROI time series (e.g., the left right ROI share the same index), the ROIs were re-indexed as detailed in the {DPARSF}\Templates\HarvardOxford_Atlas_NewIndex_YCG.xlsx
3. Dosenbach 160 ROIs
The ROI center is extracted from Table S6 in Dosenbach et al., 2010. Prediction of individual brain maturity using fMRI. Science 329, 1358-1361. The ROIs were summarized from meta-analysis.

ROI Cennter
4. Andrews-Hanna’s default mode network ROIs
The ROI center is extracted from Table S1 in Andrews-Hanna et al., 2010. Functional-anatomic fractionation of the brain's default network. Neuron 65, 550-562. 
5. Craddock’s clustering ROIs 
The ROIs were using the ROI files provided in as described in Craddock et al., 2012. A whole brain fMRI atlas generated via spatially constrained spectral clustering. Hum Brain Mapp 33, 1914-1928. The ROI names were not provided yet from that website.

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