Single case vs a Group

Submitted by Fede on

Dear REST expert, I have a question about the statistic method for the FC analysis. We have a single case vs a group of controls(N = 12). We don't know which test is suitable for the comparison between this single case and a group of controls. Best regards Fede

YAN Chao-Gan

Mon, 09/24/2012 - 15:09

REST Image Calculator may help: (g) (i1-mean(g1))./std(g1): This example is for the comparison of an individual image with a large group of images, e.g., a patient image with a large group of normal images. The distribution for group 1 (g1) should be normal and the sample size must be large enough (e.g., .100). The resultant Z score map may indicate areas that may be considered to be ‘abnormal’.