Detrending error in LINUX system

Dear REST experts

Recently , we moved our analysis platform from windows to 64 bits centos 5.3 system with Matlab R2009a

All the resting fmri data were processed by using DPARSF_V1.0_Beta_090701

when enter into the stage of remove linear trend  , we meet the following error

could someone can help us to slove the problem ?

Removing the linear trend:

Read 3D EPI functional images: "/usr/local/work/FunImgNormalizedSmoothed/Subject001".
Exception occured. ()
Error using ==> rest_ReadNiftiImage at 103
Meet error while reading the data
 103#line,  rest_ReadNiftiImage, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/rest_ReadNiftiImage.m"
 61#line,  rest_readfile, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/rest_readfile.m"
 42#line,  rest_to4d, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/rest_to4d.m"
 23#line,  rest_detrend, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/rest_detrend.m"
 1170#line,  Detrend, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/fc_gui.m"
 1152#line,  btnDetrend_Callback, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/fc_gui.m"
 96#line,  gui_mainfcn, in "/usr/local/R2009a/toolbox/matlab/guide/gui_mainfcn.m"
 35#line,  fc_gui, in "/usr/local/spm5/toolbox/REST2007V1.3_090525_New/fc_gui.m



The NIfTI image reading program was based on SPM5, it does not work well under 64 bits Linux OS. Please update the reading programs to SPM8 by downloading Please extract the files and overwrite the existing REST files.
These files was tested under 64 bits Debian, please help us to test it under 64 bits Cent OS. Thank you very much!

Dear Chao-Gan

I have recompiled related NIFTI reading program files based on SPM5 in my CENTOS 5.3 64 bit Platform this morning. 

All of these files are tested in my centos 5.3 64 bit platform ! Now the REST works pretty good in my desktop !

If i want to upload these fixed files , could you tell me a way how to share these files to you ?

Cheers !



Could you write down your recompiling procedure here? Maybe some other people will be interested in learning the recompiling procedure.
I am sorry for I don't know if have the public uploading service, maybe Xiao-Wei know more about this.
If you like to share your recompiled files currently, you can send it to me via email, and I will upload it here.
Thank you very much!