Questions about CWAS

Dear Dr. Yan,

Recently, I used y_CWAS.m to perform the CWAS analyis. I have several questions about the CWAS analysis.

[p_Brain, F_Brain, Header] = y_CWAS(DataUpDir, SubID, AResultFilename, AMaskFilename, Regressor, iter, IsNeedDetrend, Band, TR)

For the annotation of "Regressor", it said "the regressors, nDimTimePoints by nRegressor matrix".

1. I want to identify the connectome patterns that relate to a given clinical variable controlling for covariates (e.g. age and gender). So, do I input the clinical variable in the "Regressor"? Where can I input covariates?

2. If I had 1000 subjects and one clinical variable, does it mean I should input a vector of 1000*1 in the Regressor?

3. Assuming that I inputed a vector of 1000*1 in the Regressor, I got the resulting map of p-value (shown below). All the values in this map is 0.001. Based on the boundries, we can found that it was similar with the mask image.

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate.