Question about Preprocessing error

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I'm a beginner user of Dpabi and DPARSF.

now I'm trying to preprocess fMRI data using DPARSF.

After a few attempts, I finished the process, but I think the results seems little bit strange(preprocessing step-attached photo)

I found that there would be  no error message during the process. 

But after the nuisance covariate regression(folder name is 'FunRawARC'),                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

the results seems weird(file name is 'CovRegressed_4Dvolume',I think that the process did not work properly, attached photo)

before the nuisance covariate regression(folder name is 'FunRawAR', until realignment step), the result is okay. 

In this case, How could I deal with this problem or change to the right option? 

thank you, sincerely. 






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