GRETNA/Small world network

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Hi, I wonder to know is there any manual \ppt\video  for software GRETNA? I am a medical school student and going to analyze the patients' functional brain networks of small world properities  with GRETNA. Manuals downloaded from the website of "NITRC" were too simple for me and i still could not know how to run it. It is difficult but i have to do this for my graduation. Besides that, i want to know is there any other software to analyze small world network for a beginner? Thank you very much! I will appreciate for your help!


Sat, 10/03/2015 - 12:40

Hi sunnylq, GRETNA have a simple manual included in toolkit package. If you have any questions, you could send a e-mail to me. You could download it from GitHub. Also, GraphVar is a good toolkit to calculate network metrics, too. You could try to download it from Best, Sandy

Dear Sandy Wang, I really appreciate for your kindhearted help. Actually my data has been calculated by my cooperator (you can see an example followed by my reply ), what are the most two difficult problems for me now is that i want to compare the nodal degree\nodal efficiency\nodal betweenness  between patients and normal people, and i need a picture to reflect those changing nodes for patients group. But  there are two kinds of "txt"(eg: bi.txt and abi.txt), i want to know that which kind of txt should i compare? Because abi.txt shows to be a numberical matrix(90*36, sparsity was set between 0.05 and 0.4 with an intervel of 0.01 ), i couldn't analyze those data by SPSS, i wonder to know could statistical tool in the GRETNA  can help me to achive it? Could i add those calculated data into GRETNA and analyze them automaticly? If  possible, there are only six statistical methods and which kind of  statistical method i should use ? Thank you very much for your help! Looking forward to your reply!