Error in generating auto mask (access to Docker denied)

Submitted by guiziwu on

Dear Prof. Yan,

I am using DPASF 5.3 based on DPABI_V6.2_220915 and DPABI_V7.0_230110 on linux server. My colleague and I found an error when we tried to generate auto masks. I have attached the error below. It is possibly due to that we don't have the authority to access the Docker (and we cannot get the access because of safety issues). I am just wondering in your future version, is it possible to provide the option to select "HasDocker == 0" by the user rather than let the program chooses by itself? Or if there is any other better solution to this issue? This error has stopped me from running Normalization by DARTEL and covariates regression.

Thank you very much for your consideration on this issue!

Best wishes,

Mengxia, The University of Hong Kong