DPABI V3.0 is released

Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the release of DPABI V3.0.
New features of DPABI_V3.0_171210 (download at http://rfmri.org/dpabi):
1. New module for Temporal Dynamic Analysis (DPABI_TDA) was added. Dynamic regional indices (ALFF, fALFF, ReHo, Degree Centrality, Global Signal Correlation and VMHC) and dynamic functional connectivity could be automatically calculated by one click through DPABI_TDA (with DPARSF preprocessed data). The statistics maps (CV, Mean and SD) of the dynamic regional indices would also be generated by DPABI_TDA. A new neuroimaging index which measures the concordance of the dynamic regional indices is incorporated into DPABI_TDA. Please see more details at: Yan CG, Yang Z, Colcombe S, Zuo XN, Milham MP (2017) Concordance among indices of intrinsic brain function: insights from inter-individual variation and temporal dynamics. Science Bulletin. In press.
2. The default setting of permutation test with PALM was changed to two-tailed test. According to our recent study, permutation test with Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement (TFCE) reaches the best balance between family-wise error rate (under 5%) and test-retest reliability / replicability, thus outperforms the other multiple comparison correction strategies. Please consider use it. Chen, X., Lu, B., Yan, C.G.*, 2018. Reproducibility of R-fMRI metrics on the impact of different strategies for multiple comparison correction and sample sizes. Hum Brain Mapp 39, 300-318.
3. Statistical Analysis Module. Also output effect size maps: Cohen’s f2 maps.
4. Statistical Analysis Module. Added a function for image-based meta analysis: y_Meta_Image_CallR.m. This functional is calling R package ‘metansue’, please install ‘metansue’ and ‘R.matlab’ first.
5. Statistical Analysis Module. Mixed Effect Analysis: Fixed a bug of OtherCovariates and CovVolume.
6. y_ExtractROISignal.m. Remove the voxels with “NaN” values.
7. DPARSF_V4.3_171210: If the file name before realignment is initialed with 'r', then move the 'rr*' files for the next step.
8. DPARSF has a docker version now: https://github.com/BIDS-Apps/DPARSF. Users can run it without installing MATLAB. It also has been deployed at OpenNeuro.org, users can try that online processing system.
Chao-Gan YAN

Chao-Gan YAN, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Deputy Director, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Center
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China