Dear all,

DPABI V1.2 is on its way. However, I don need your help now. 

Please take one minute to click this link (https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/business/detail/7733) and vote for us. (There will be a small survey, but you can skip it by clicking "no thanks" at right-bottom of the page).

We are applying a grant from Chase for our nonprofit R-fMRI Network, especially to support PRN. With it, we are aiming to serve the neuroimaging research community with our software, course, preprint service and networking platform to facilitate the scientific research with R-fMRI.

At least 250 votes are needed before October 15th, 2014, to have our application to be reviewed!

You can also help us by directly contributing to us (http://rfmri.org/helpus). Your help will be appreciated!