Dpabi pipeline

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Dear Experts,

I would like to use dpabi for a functional connectivity analysis using an ROI approach. I have two subject groups and I want to conduct a region to region connectivity analyses based on the ROI_FC maps off line.

 I have done two analyses to check my data : 1) I have run both subject groups separately through the dpabi pipeline and 2) I also ran the data of both groups ( as one single group) through the dpabi pipeline. When I looked at a single subject ROI_FCMap file, the connectivy maps have  different values between these analyses.

My question is the following:

Are these differences due to the fact that each subject's connectivity maps are somehow 'averaged' to the group that is run?

if that is the case should two groups always be run separately or is there a case when it would be preferred to run two cohorts as one group through dpabi.

I am looking forward to your help and guidance.




YAN Chao-Gan

Sun, 03/28/2021 - 06:29

If you are using DARTEL for spatial normalization, then the results would be different (slightly). This is because DARTEL is using a group-specific template, thus your are using different group-specific templates.

I suggest you process them all at once.