change the default DPARSF atlas

I am studying brain connectivity of children in age-range 7-18 years, and I want to use children atlas instead of DPARSF default atla.

I'm studying children's brain connectivity between the ages of 7 and 18 and want to use the children's atlas instead of the default DPARSF atlas. How can I import my desired atlas to DPARSF? What files and in what formats (e.g. .img of .nii) do I need to enter in this toolkit (DPARSF) for this purpose?

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It depends on if your altas is EPI or T1 or GM/WM/CSF templates.

My desirable atlas is AALv3 which is attached below. How can I import this atlas to the DPARSF and use it?

(sorry, I can not atach the atlas file, but the file name is "AAL3v1_for_SPM12")

AAL3 is not atlas for spatial normalization, but for defining ROIs or generating cluster reports.

DPABI has already included AAL3 atlas.

thanks dear YAN. To use Children Atlas, is it enough to replace the "chnpd_asym_06.0-12.0_TPM.nii.gz" file (which is exist in CHNPD_v1.5) with the TPM.nii file (which is in the DPARSF settings)? and by doing so I am really using the Children's Atlas?

In addition to changing the TPM file, is it necessary to use the ROIs atlas file specified for children (if available in the Internet)?


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