Can the DPABI process infant data?

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I want to use DPABI to preprocess the rs-fMRI data of infants with the age under 1 year old. However, I know the template of DPABI is not suitable for this kind of task. I have noticed a similar topic on According to this topic, I downloaded infant templates (GM, WM, CSF) from the UNC-infant-0-1-2-atlases. Now, I am confused that the TPM.nii has six classes of brain tissue. So How to replace the TPM.nii with the downloaded templates ? Is it ok to replace the first three volumes of TPM.nii and keep the left ones ? Second, it is noticed that the two buttoms of Affine Regularisation in segmentation are still based on the adult template. Will these two options affect the subsequent processing? If so, How to deal with it in a reasonable way?

YAN Chao-Gan

Thu, 09/14/2023 - 01:42

In this case, I suggest you use "Segment" other than "New Segment + DARTEL". You can choose "Template Parameters" -> Calculate in MNI Space ("warp by information from unified segmentation).

Then you need to replace DPABI/Templates/SPMTemplates/toolbox/OldSeg/grey.nii csf.nii and white.nii.