BET went wrong for T1.nii that was flipped from left to right using Python-nibabel.

Here is the problem. I need to flip some T1.nii data from left to right, making all lesion located in the left hemisphere. By using nibabel package by Python laguage, I got some flipped data.

However, when I running the BET function on those data within DPARSFA, it suggested : Not enough data in D:\Lena\000test\T1ImgBet\Sub_003\fBet_003BeforeBet.img.

This BET step runs well for my data that was not fillped. I enclosed structural T1.nii that was not fillped (001.nii) and fillped (003.nii). Size of data exceeds the maximum, I uploaded it at: 链接:  提取码:54kp 

I could not figure out why these error occur, since the data looked exactly the same on MRIcron. Maybe there are some imcompatible issues between Python-nibabel and DPARSFA?

Thanks for your time and effort! 

Here is the message DPARSFA gives:


0.379304 for pre-processing 
0.080593 for normal computation 
0.655004 for search along normal 
0.034367 for checking self-intersection 
0.078360 for output 
Chris Rorden's dcm2nii :: 2MAY2016 64bit BSD License  :: (upgrade to dcm2niix suggested) 
reading preferences file D:\LenovoSoftstore\MATLAB\DPABI_V6.2_220915\DPABI_V6.2_220915\DPARSF\dcm2nii\dcm2nii.ini 
Adjusting NIfTI/Analyze image D:\Lena\000test\T1ImgBet\Sub_003\Bet_003BeforeBet.hdr 
Changing subformat of D:\Lena\000test\T1ImgBet\Sub_003\Bet_003BeforeBet.hdr 
Not enough data in D:\Lena\000test\T1ImgBet\Sub_003\fBet_003BeforeBet.img 
Actually read 1 
错误使用 y_Read (line 54)
File doesn't exist: D:\Lena\000test\T1ImgBet\Sub_003\Bet_003AfterBet.img
出错 y_Call_bet (line 68)
    Data = y_Read(fullfile(OutPath,[OutFile,'AfterBet.img']));
出错 DPARSFA_run (line 1646)
            y_Call_bet(T1File, OutputFile_Temp, '', AutoDataProcessParameter.DataProcessDir); %YAN Chao-Gan, 190710.
            y_Call_bet(T1File, OutputFile_Temp, '');
出错 DPARSFA>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1854)
    [Error, Cfg]=DPARSFA_run(handles.Cfg);
出错 gui_mainfcn (line 95)
出错 DPARSFA (line 30)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
计算 UIControl Callback 时出错。
Here is my setting on DPARSFA:

Predefined Types:

I tried image flip within RESTplus. Using those flipped T1 image, BET also went wrong in DPABI. However, BET was alright on those non-flipped images.

How can I solve this problem? I'm vering confused, since I want to do VMHC that was not found in RESTplus.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance!

Try Bet first, and then flip.