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I try to ask question in English:

Now, I use DPARSF to do ReHO analysis from the step(FunImgNormalized) and based on the Data without smooth.

I calculate the value of ReHO, and smReHO with 27 voxels after detrending and filtering.

As Professor Yan mentioned in the REST video, smReHO is the mReHO with smoothness. But I am sure which is the FWHM ?4or other values?

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中文的表达:我从FunImgNormalized后进行Reho分析,(即基于是Data without smooth),在进行完detrend 和filter后,得出:ReHO, mReHO,and smReHO。根据严老师的视频,smReHO是mReHO平滑后的数据,那么平滑盒是多少呢?是不是默认的4 4 4?


Hi Yu-Qing,
The smooth kernel is same as what you set for "Smooth". If you didn't change it, then it's [4 4 4].

P.S., I am thinking to drop the basic edition in future DPARSF release, cause processing strategy there is not updated as in the advanced edition. For example, the order of filtering and regression is not good (Hallquist et al., 2013, Neuroimage). Please let me know if it's OK, dear users?

P.P.S., there is no Professor Yan yet, please call me Chao-Gan. :)



Hi, Chao-Gan. Thanks for your reply and pointing the potential problems on the order of filtering and regression. I got it.

I am really a freshman in rest-fMRI study,now I could not gain any meaningful result and just did rest-fmri analysis followed your video. Moreover, I found the code of basic DPARSF(dparsf.run.m) is easier than advanced DPARAF for me to study the resting analysis steps. I think it is very usefull. So now I have no ability to point out any problems on DPARSF.

Best regards.

Hi Yu-Qin,
if you did not change the default setting, then the kernel should be the default.


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