• 我目前处理的大鼠数据结构像比较暗,不知怎样在DPABI里面调节亮度。

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  • During Preprocessing of Image Data, many of us face problem of Model Estimation and failed to extract significant voxels,  i raised this question on the forum of Researchgate,  i am sharing it here, so anyon…

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  • Hi experts,
    I am using DPABI to perform Functional Connectivity. I have some questions regarding the preprocessing steps.
    1)Does Preprocessing steps order matter…
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  • Why

    While I input the data for fMRI into DPARSF in matlab, then clicked "run" button, outcomes could not be produced. Warnings often pop out . what are  the reasons?  look forward to  expertise:)

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  •    Using the DPARSF for first time, I have few knowledge of  it.
        so confusions as follows exist:
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  • Hello, thank you for the wonderful effort at packaging the surface and volume based processing pipelines into one package.

    One quick request for the package - Please include the RSFA measure https://www.ncb…

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  • Dear Expert,

    I am running rs-fMRI demo data provided on your website for 3 subjects on DPARSF V2.1  for ALFF and ReHo calculation. I preprocessed data till smoothing on SPM12 running on Matlab R2016a. After…

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  • Dear Experts, I re-ran 2 subjects through DPABI using the same parameters and ROIs that I used for the same two people that I ran as part of a larger group ( n=50). When I compare the output folders FunImgARCFWS_ROISIGN…
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  • 严老师好,


    我使用的dpabi版本是V3.1, MATLAB2017,WINDOWS 系统。


    错误使用 palm_takeargs (line 1133)
    Unknown option: "L:\resting_A\Results\FC_CORR\TEST_RESULT\T…
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  • Hello, I have used your software to preprocess resting-state data over the years, and your automated preprocessing pipeline DPARSF works very well. I am trying to replicate a finding from my dissertation analyses in a n…
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