gift ICA挑选成分后进行单样本 T检验时,mask选用的疑惑




parallel pool error

Hi, Dr. Yan, When I regressed covariates of 200 subjects using latest DPARSF,  an error was shown as below. However, it was fine when I computed just two subjects.


Error using Rich Club Coefficient, Generating Random Networks and GLM

Hey GraphVar team,

Thank you for all you hard work in making this tool. Sadly, I've been having a few issues. 

When attempting to look at Rich Club coefficient (also using freshly installed Sample Workspace data), I get the following error:


An error in CWAS


I came across an error when I was using CWAS in DPARSF2.3, How to solve this problem?

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance.


How to do the VBM analysis? Thanks. Gray matter density in MNI space

Dear Dr. Yan,

I am working on the data from R-fMRI maps project. Great thanks for sharing the proprecessed data with us. 

Would you mind telling us how to do the voxel-based morphometry analysis of the structural MRI data? For instance, can you explain the steps to calculate the gray matter density in MNI space? Thanks again.

Best Regards,




I want use DPABI for my work but nothing have manual for use it GUI
I downloaded videos in your site but still I do not working with it GUI
in starting face with error
please help me

Input images for ProNTo machine learning toolbox

Hello everyone,



single subject paired t test error

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to run a single subject rsfmri analysis. I run DPARSF and get my 2 zFC maps , one for each of the 2 sessions (pre and post treatment). The maps look good in the viewer! I put these 2 zFC maps in the stat analysis tool by selecting a paired t test modality, in order to to get a comparison-t-map between the two. Is this right so far? The stat analysis tool look running fine and provide me with a map. However, this map cannot be seen in the viewer. When trying to upload it, matlab provides me with the following error:


Difference between "rand NW" and "permutation" in GLM panel

Dear GraphVar team,

I want to use a nonparametric test to do a group comparison, but I don't know which of the two options of non-parametric test would be apropriate. Could you explain me the difference between them? I think in my case it would be the "permutation" option , but I would like to be sure.

All the best,





Error using DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) (line 3420)
Unable to read file
no such file or directory.



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