Regress covariates with DPARSF

Dear all, 

Thank you for the great toolbox. I am new at using DPARSF and I am still trying to familiarize with it. 


Frequency Band - Questions about ReHo and fALFF

Hi everybody, i've some questions about DPARSF and the frequency range which is selected for processing :

Q. 1 : If I want to chose a specific frequency band for ReHo analysis (like in this paper : doi:10.1371/

journal.pone.0086818.: IMF1 : (0.1-0.25 Hz), IMF2 (0.1-0.04 Hz)...), is this filter has to be used (cf screenshot) ?


ABIDE II dataset (The R-fMRI Maps project), Thanks.

Dear Dr. Yan,

I happen to find that there are probably something wrong with the fMRI data of subject 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29887' & 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29888' (the R-fMRI Maps Project). For the EMC_1_29887, all the extracted features and the ROI signals are zero. For the EMC_1_29888, most of the extracted features are zero. Would you mind double checking these data? Thanks a lot.

All the Best,

Voxel time courses


I'm a masters student in biomedical engineering. I'm working on my diploma thesis 'Analysis of RS-fMRI data'.
I have 200 .hdr/.img file pairs per person which carried out pre-processing using SPM. 
How can I extract voxel time courses from the fMRI time series in Matlab?  

Group comparisons of rodent resting state data

Hi there,

I have rat resting-state data from rats from the following study design involved in a stem cell therapy, data was analysed using DPABI:

Pre-cells: Stroke /Sham animals imaged 3 weeks after MCAO

Post-cells: Stroke-Cells, Stroke-vehicle, Sham-vehicle (6 weeks after stem cell).


How to perform spectral DCM analysis

Dear experts,
I was wondering how to perform spectral dynamic causal model (spDCM) analysis on the resting state MRI data preprocessed by DPARSFA. As I know, to perform a spDCM analysis in SPM12, I must first extract volumes of interest (VOIs) in SPM. In the manual of SPM12, before extracting VOIs, I need to regress out nuisance covariates in SPM. However, nuisance regressors have been regressed out when the data are preprocessed in DPARSFA. 


Conjunction analysis

Dear Chao-Gan,

I have examined ALFF abnormalities in two type of patients and I would like to examine the shared abnormalities. Acctually, I have tried to use SPM to do a conjuntion analysis, but SPM seemed to require the spm.mat file which I did have, so I was wondering that can I achieve this goal using DPABI? 




Motion regressors - temporal derivatives

Dear Dr. Yan,

first of all, thank you for the wonderful tools you have created, which provide a great service to our community.


How to view the results of F.nii after ancova analysis


Sorry to bother you again. I  performed ANCOVA analysis with dpabi and obtained 10 nii images including the F.nii map. But I cannot view the results of F.nii using dpabi viewer. Some parameters of the F.nii can be viewed  in dpabi viewer overlay list (see below). 


Error in DPARSFA

Hi, we are using your toolbox DPARSFA (v4.2) with matlab R2014b

We followed the tutorial concerning the folder structure.
We selected  this parameters  :

When we compute the data, we have the following error message :



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