I want use DPABI for my work but nothing have manual for use it GUI
I downloaded videos in your site but still I do not working with it GUI
in starting face with error
please help me

Input images for ProNTo machine learning toolbox

Hello everyone,



single subject paired t test error

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to run a single subject rsfmri analysis. I run DPARSF and get my 2 zFC maps , one for each of the 2 sessions (pre and post treatment). The maps look good in the viewer! I put these 2 zFC maps in the stat analysis tool by selecting a paired t test modality, in order to to get a comparison-t-map between the two. Is this right so far? The stat analysis tool look running fine and provide me with a map. However, this map cannot be seen in the viewer. When trying to upload it, matlab provides me with the following error:


Difference between "rand NW" and "permutation" in GLM panel

Dear GraphVar team,

I want to use a nonparametric test to do a group comparison, but I don't know which of the two options of non-parametric test would be apropriate. Could you explain me the difference between them? I think in my case it would be the "permutation" option , but I would like to be sure.

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Error using DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) (line 3420)
Unable to read file
no such file or directory.





dpabi error

Hi, all

About the output of VBM using DPABI



I preproceed the T1 images for the VBM analysis using DPABI, and I have some inquiries regarding the output files.

I chose the "New Segment + DARTEL" option, and I got files whose prefix are "smwc", "mwc","wc1".

According to the naming convention of output files introduced in the VBM8 manual, "mwc1" seems to mean "modulated warped gray matter segments", and "smwc1" seems the smoothed "mwc1". Here, I am wondering why the smoothed files (smwc1) were generated eariler than the "mwc" files. 


ROI signals and Filtering

Hi all,

I just have a quick query, so I extracted ROI time course from 6 region. At the define ROI stage I added 6 masks and DPARSFA listed in alphabetical order. Whwn i got the results in the ROI signal folder I  have 6 list (6 time course from the masks I defined). My question is are these timecourse columns in order of the the way the mask were listed, so would my first time course be the signals for the first mask of the 6 and so on).


Repeated Measures with more than 2 time points

Dear GraphVar team,

It's possible to do a repeated measures analyses with more than two time points  in GraphVar - Turbo GLM ? 

My goal is to compare 2 groups('Movement' and 'Rest') where each subject in each group has several matrices (several observations).

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