Slice Timing

Most fMRI data are acquired using two-dimensional pulse sequences that acquire images one slice at a time, thus all slices are acquired at different time within a repeat time (TR). Timing differences are especially problematic for longer TR. Hence the differences in image acquisition time between slices need to be corrected.

Extract ROI Time Courses (ROI-wise functional connectivity)

In DPARSF, users could extract ROI time courses (simultaneously have the ROI-wise functional connectivity) by check "Extract ROI time courses" checkbox and "Define ROI".

DPARSF extracts the ROI time courses based on the data defined by the "Starting Directory Name". The results are output at "Results/ROISignals_FunImgXXX":

Repetition Time (TR)

Repetition Time (TR) is the amount of time that passes between consecutive acquired brain volumes. The value (in seconds) is used for slice timing correction and filtering.  A specific TR value should be set in the text box.

Configurations for DPARSFA_run

You can run DPARSFA_run independently from the GUI to process your data. You can use the GUI to define the configuration parameters (Cfg/AutoDataProcessParameter). Or you can learn the structure as follows. 

Permutation Test in DPABI

DPABI has implemented a convenient way to perform permutation test in Statistical Analysis, which is based on the PALM package (Winkler et al., 2016).

DPARSFA Output File Summary

As many users of DPARSFA were confused about the meaning of DPARSFA Output file, this summary was compiled according to the video on

DPARSFA_Autosaved_xxx -- DPARSFA setting log file.

FunRaw -- Raw functional images. 

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Wrong ROI definition, Restplus

Dear all,

I’m doing resting-state connectivity analyses in RESTplus (1.2), but keep on encountering an error message when extracting my ROI time courses (see text below). The mask files are all resliced according to BrainMask_05_61x73x61.img, and I’ve tried using mask files in both .nii and .img/.hdr format. Please let me know what I can do to make this step work.


Thank you!



Error using sprintf

Function is not defined for 'cell' inputs.



Times series in vasoreactivity

Hi everyone.



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