Start DPARSFA from NIFTI images

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I would like to start preprocessing in DPARSFA from Nifti images so I placed the images under the FunImg folder (which contains a folder for each subject). However, when I change the 'Starting Directory Name' to FunImg. I get the following warning: 'Please arrange each subject's DICOM images in one directory and then put them in FunRaw directory under the working directory' and the gui automatically revert to FunRaw (which I do not have as I want to start from nifti images).

Could you please advise how to solve this problem?

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R package for graph theory analysis of MRI data

Dear DPABI users, (apologies for cross-post)


Between group FC

Dear Yan,

Although I am still learning, I am very happy with your software for the resting state analyses.

However, I have a doubt. I performed the FC analyes considering the ROI1. Then, I used SPM to compare two groups G1 and G2. At the whole brain, I obtain a significative difference between the two groups in the cluster C1.


Vote for Dr. Xi-Nian Zuo for OHBM Council Chair

Dear members of the R-fMRI Network,

As a current member of OHBM, you are cordially invited to participate in the council election of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). The elected nominees will represent you to work on the OHBM Council and Program Committee.

perform Friston motion regression



我想用您的DPARSF-A toolbox来做Friston motion regression,只需要做这一步,我的数据格式为.nii.gz,我将每个人的数据分别放在一个文件夹 ,并将它们全部放在FunImgARWSDF下面,在DPARSF-A 的界面上仅仅勾选Friston24,其他都不勾选。但是报错为

Difference between time series extracted by "Functional Connectivity" analysis and "Extract ROI Time Courses"

In DPARSF, "Extract ROI time courses" can extract the ROI time courses from the defined ROIs, as stored in: ROISignals in {WorkingDir}/Results/ROISignals_FunImgARCWF/ROISignals_Sub_001.mat

"Functional Connectivity" analysis can also extract the ROI time courses, as stored in: SeedSeries in {WorkingDir}/Results/FC_FunImgARCWF/ROI_FCMap_Sub_001.mat


All NaN in mALFF

Dear Dr. Chao-Gan Yan,



每个参与者有170个TR,一共设置了6个ROI,并勾选了Functional Connectivity以及Extract ROI time courses
最後我在Result资料夹得到了FC_FunImgARCFWS, ROISignals_FunImgARCFWS, VMHC_FunImgARCFWSsym三个资料夹
ROI_FCMap_XXX.mat: 读取後在workspace得到名为SeedSeries的variable,为170(TR数) x 6 (ROI数)的矩阵。看起来应该是该ROI的time course?


FC results for NBS Connectome

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