T1 Average image tools


Trying to average multiple anatomical data for one subject using T1 Average image tools, I got this error. I think its the way how im arranging my data. Can you please let me know how I can arrange it correctly.

Error using cd
Cannot CD to C:\Users\lab1\Documents\96\T1Img_MultiRun\C:\Users\Meaneylab1\Documents\96\T1Img_MultiRun (Directory access failure).

RatFCMAP space issue

Hi there,

I've noticed that when running rat functional connnectivity analysis that the resulting FC image does not exist in the same space as the original images.

In the image below it can be seen that the Schwarz atlas (top left) and pre-processed resting-state image (right) are coregistered. However the FCMAP generated appears to be much larger, with many voxels outside of the brain. Why has this occurred?




User_Agreement_of_DPABI_Stand-Alone_Version 无法发送


       您好,我把电子版的 User Agreement 发到邮箱 maps@rfmri.org, 显示无法发送,不知是什么原因,麻烦啦



Dear Dr. Yan,

I used the 90*90 FC matrix to calculate the topological metric-Modularity on the GRETNA. Several results can be obtained , but I dont kown their meaning: "community_index_All_Node", "participant_coefficient_All_Node", and "size_of_maximum_component". The author of GRETNA did not explain the meaning of these measurments in the Mannual. Could you help me? 

Thanks very much!


[English] The R-fMRI Journal Club 170908

The discussion of this Journal Club will be in English, focusing on paper:


how to set colorbar manual?

Dear experts and Pro. Yan:

                                                  when I look my results in DPABI Viewer, the colorbar only showed the color in the upper amd lower ends. However,  it did not have any color in the middle of colorbar. I do not know how to set the colorbar manual? Or, anyone know that how to load the colorbar from the mat file. Can you send it to me? my email is:1316289208@qq.com

 Thank you very much!


Resample before CAWS

Dear Dr. Yan,

When I was computing CWAS, I found data should be resample  to voxel size of isotorpic 4mm. But after all preprocessing, all data had changed to 4D which can't be resliced by dpabi's function "Image Reslicer" correcttly.

Or can I set the voxel size to [4 4 4] in Normalize step directly and skip the last resample after all preprocessing? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance!




Use scripts to generate montage images in DPABI_VIEW

1. Open DPABI_VIEW, and load your images and setup.


gift ICA挑选成分后进行单样本 T检验时,mask选用的疑惑




parallel pool error

Hi, Dr. Yan, When I regressed covariates of 200 subjects using latest DPARSF,  an error was shown as below. However, it was fine when I computed just two subjects.



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