Image Orientation

Dear readers,

I am wondering about the following circumstance:

I realigned my fMRI-images with DPARSF (s. realigned_image) but now I noticed that their orientation (anteriro-posterior) does not match that of the SPM template used for normalization (SPM_template). Is that a mistake of my own or does DPARSF change this orientation difference during normalization?

with kind regards

Markus Loose



Regress covariates with DPARSF

Dear all, 

Thank you for the great toolbox. I am new at using DPARSF and I am still trying to familiarize with it. 


Frequency Band - Questions about ReHo and fALFF

Hi everybody, i've some questions about DPARSF and the frequency range which is selected for processing :

Q. 1 : If I want to chose a specific frequency band for ReHo analysis (like in this paper : doi:10.1371/

journal.pone.0086818.: IMF1 : (0.1-0.25 Hz), IMF2 (0.1-0.04 Hz)...), is this filter has to be used (cf screenshot) ?


ABIDE II dataset (The R-fMRI Maps project), Thanks.

Dear Dr. Yan,

I happen to find that there are probably something wrong with the fMRI data of subject 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29887' & 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29888' (the R-fMRI Maps Project). For the EMC_1_29887, all the extracted features and the ROI signals are zero. For the EMC_1_29888, most of the extracted features are zero. Would you mind double checking these data? Thanks a lot.

All the Best,

Voxel time courses


I'm a masters student in biomedical engineering. I'm working on my diploma thesis 'Analysis of RS-fMRI data'.
I have 200 .hdr/.img file pairs per person which carried out pre-processing using SPM. 
How can I extract voxel time courses from the fMRI time series in Matlab?  

Group comparisons of rodent resting state data

Hi there,

I have rat resting-state data from rats from the following study design involved in a stem cell therapy, data was analysed using DPABI:

Pre-cells: Stroke /Sham animals imaged 3 weeks after MCAO

Post-cells: Stroke-Cells, Stroke-vehicle, Sham-vehicle (6 weeks after stem cell).


How to perform spectral DCM analysis

Dear experts,
I was wondering how to perform spectral dynamic causal model (spDCM) analysis on the resting state MRI data preprocessed by DPARSFA. As I know, to perform a spDCM analysis in SPM12, I must first extract volumes of interest (VOIs) in SPM. In the manual of SPM12, before extracting VOIs, I need to regress out nuisance covariates in SPM. However, nuisance regressors have been regressed out when the data are preprocessed in DPARSFA. 


Conjunction analysis

Dear Chao-Gan,

I have examined ALFF abnormalities in two type of patients and I would like to examine the shared abnormalities. Acctually, I have tried to use SPM to do a conjuntion analysis, but SPM seemed to require the spm.mat file which I did have, so I was wondering that can I achieve this goal using DPABI? 




Motion regressors - temporal derivatives

Dear Dr. Yan,

first of all, thank you for the wonderful tools you have created, which provide a great service to our community.


How to view the results of F.nii after ancova analysis


Sorry to bother you again. I  performed ANCOVA analysis with dpabi and obtained 10 nii images including the F.nii map. But I cannot view the results of F.nii using dpabi viewer. Some parameters of the F.nii can be viewed  in dpabi viewer overlay list (see below). 



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