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We have correlation matrix (264*264) for 140 subjects and used this matrices in GraphVar to obtained features in excel file such as Betweennes centrality feature (140 subjects*  264 features), then we used SVM classification and the resulted discriminant features was (140 subjects*  80 features). my question, how I convert this discriminant features into NIFTI Image to be used as input for 2 sample T-test in DPABI software???
Your help is appreciated.


ReHo on residuals questions (DPARSF)



I'm trying to calculate ReHo on residuals images obtained after GLM analysis ("simulate" resting-state). 

Basically I just want to regress signal from WM and CSF, Bandpass filter, detrend and finally calculate ReHo. I have 2 questions


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should I generate the Z map first before GRFCorrection

Hi, all.

I  run the  two-sample T test between patients and control groups by DPABI and get the T map. I would like to perform the GRF correction.

I found some discussion about GRF correction, which suggested that the T map should be converted into Z  map before GRF correction.

Hence, if I use the DPABI to perform the GRF correction, should I also use the  "y_TFRtoZ.m"  to convert the T map into Z map? And then perform the GRF correction?

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Thanks in advance for your kind help.


ReOH and ALFF maps

Dear experts,

I am wondering whether you can give me more information about ReOh and ALFF maps or suggest some references where I can get the following information:

1) What are the typical ranges and inter subject variability of ALFF and ReOH maps?

2) Do I need to intensity normalise the maps output from DPARSFA for the ALFF and ReOh or can I use the m* output directly in the statistical analysis? If intensity normalisation is needed, could you suggest by what intensity value (whole brain, gm value)?

Error using CompCor

I have ​resting state ​data acquired with ​the ​following scanning parameters: TR 2.3, vox size 3x3x3​,​​ and ​I am doing an analysis using DPRSFA V_2.1 and Matlab 2015b​. ​I am reslicing the voxel size ​to ​4x4x4 ​during ​the ​normaliz​ation step (this is so I can compare this data with another resting state data set at the group level)​. I am getting an error while doing the Nuisance Covariates Regression with CompCor and the step is not completed.​ Would anyone know what the problem is?​
Steps I did:


Activation outside the brain

I am doing an analysis using DPRSFA V_2.1 and Matlab 2015b.​ ​Unfortunately, when I complete the below-described analysis, ​I ​am getting​ ​significant ​activation outside of the brain​ (please see ​the picture in ​the ​attachment​)​. ​Would anyone know what could be the cause of th​is​? 
​To describe my analysis, ​I have data from two groups of subjects, acquired with different scanning parameters. One group: TR 2.3, vox size 3x3x3, second group TR 2.3 vox size 4x4x4.
Steps I did:


Error in y_Read y_FD_Jenkison script

Dear Dr Yan,


I have encountered a problem while running DPARSF advanced (DPARSF_V4.3_170105). 


I am running matlab 2015a. In the realignment step, I receive an error when it tries to run the y_FD_Jenkinson.m. I have attached a printscreen of the error message. 



Axial view color bar

Dear Dr YAN 

i want ask you why there is no bar in Axial montage?

Your help is appreciated.



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