gui_mainfcn.m line 204 problem

Hi All,

I am having an issue when calling up the DPARSF program  on matlab. When I type in the command DPARSF , I get an error message exactly as follows,



Unexpected normalization output

When processing my data for one subject, I ended up with a lot of noise in the FunRawARglobalCWS folder when I expected the data to be cleaner. Does this have something to do with the fact that the NIFTI files are in 4D rather than 3D? I attached a screenshot of the image below. The DPARSFA settings that I am using are also attached. When reorienting the functional and T1 NIFTIs, my process is to put in -45 and -25 to center the image on the viewer then pressing "Reorient", is this correct? Final question: can you tell me what each of the folder-names mean?


用dpabi v2.3做静息态功能连接的几个问题


我最近在用dpabi 2.3版做静息态功能连接,预处理选择realign, T1 DICOM to NIFTI, T1 Coreg to Fun, Segment, Normalise, Smooth, Detrend, Nuisance Covariates Regression (Friston 24, WM, CSF, Global), Filter, Scrubbing(按默认参数), FC。我的疑问如下:

1. 这些处理步骤对于功能连接来说是否有缺失或多余?

2. 因为我目前只是想做功能连接,所以想问下scrubbing是否有必要做?

3. 如果要做scrubbing,是在Nuisance Covariates Regression这步选择Head motion scrubbing regressors(按默认参数),还是像我现在的处理一样,选择Filter之后的“Scrubbing”?

Extracting ROI Signals

Hi everybody,
I have a problem with extracting ROI signals that is driving me crazy, I hope I can find the answer here.


Analysis With GM Volume as Covariates

Dear experts,

I am trying to perform an ALFF analysis with dpabi. I want to introduce the GM volume as a covariate in the two-sample t-test.

I think that I have to introduce this covariate in "covariate images" option in the statistical analysis, but What kind of images should I use?

I have the segmented and dartel images for all subjects, but I don't know if these images are the correct ones.





black region in the bottom of image for ReHo

Dear experts 

I preprocessed dicom files from FunRaw to smoothed ReHo image by DPARSF. The whole process was error-free, but the bottom regions of the szReHo image including cerebellum and pons were shown  as  black. I think there was a problem with preprocessing, but I do not know exactly what the problem is. I attached files created during preprocessing. I would like to ask you for your expert advice. Thank you


Question about ALFF analysis

Dear all,

I am trying to do some of ALFF and fALFF analysis in resting -state, but I don't know if I am proceeding well. I just want to compare the activity in resting-state beteween two groups. Similar to this paper from Wang, Human Brain Mapping 32:1720–1740 (2011).

I did all the pre-processing in SPM and now I want to use this images for ALFF. 


Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping

Invitation to the Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, Canada, 27 June 2017

Invitation to the Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, Canada, 27 June 2017.


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