Error in computing ALFF

Matlab command:
Computing ALFF...


The Laboratory for Brain Connectivity at (UESTC) is currently seeking postdocs

The Laboratory for Brain Connectivity is currently seeking multiple postdoctoral research fellows to join our lab. The lab was established in October 2017 by Bharat Biswal, a Foreign 1000 Talents Professor at UESTC, Chengdu. Our lab is part of the Center of Information in Medicine and the School of Life Science and Technology at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). The School/Center has a highly selective doctoral program (PhD issuance authority) in Biomedical Engineering and ranks No. 10 nationwide.

cannot extract measures from sample matrices

Can anybody answer the query I posted below one week ago? I also neglected to mention that the error messages below are printed to the matlab terminal.




Cell contents reference from a non-cell array object.


Error in GraphVar_getDialogData>check_StructureName (line 339)

if isscalar(handles.vpNamesNeo{2})



Error in GraphVar_getDialogData (line 82)




Error in GraphVar_calc (line 29)

Mismatch between coordinates of defined ROI and Matlab output

Hi everyone, I have the following problem: I tried to compute functional connectivity by using the 'Define ROI' button. As ROI I selected one of the Default ROIs (taken from Andrew-Hannas nodes of the DMN). This Region had the following coordinates: -6 52 2 (radius: 5). However, the following output in the Matlab command window does not fit these coordinates. See the following lines ...


Question about Mixed effect analysis


   我想请教下关于mixed effect analysis的问题。我想看下实验组和对照组治疗前后ALFF差异,做了mixed effect analysis, 其中interaction effect做出4个脑区。我又做了下每个组治疗前后各自的差异,实验组发现5个脑区,对照组发现7个脑区,这些脑区与之前的4个脑区不全相同。我的问题是,是否需要再单独做治疗前后配对样本t检验,还是重点放在interaction发现的4个脑区上就可以了?另外,mixe分析做出的group effect和condition effect意义是不是不大,是否还需要单独讨论?







cannot extract measures from sample matrices

I have read the GraphVar manual - it's all very clear. I want to get used to simply calculating and exporting graph measures using the Conn Matrix files in the sample workspace.  I have loaded just two of the files (to make it quicker) and chosen to calculate measures on the weighted matrices. I chose to extract the Weighted: Strength (UND) values. When I try to do this it just locks the screen and doesn't show anything else (i.e. progress bars). I don't receive any error messages. I have tried on other weighted measures and experience the same thing.


The R-fMRI Wiki

The R-fMRI Wiki is designed to create a knowledge base for DPABI and DPARSF, and eventually for all the resting-state fMRI.


DPABI is a GNU/GPL* toolbox for Data Processing & Analysis of Brain Imaging, evolved from DPARSF (Data Processing Assistant for Resting-State fMRI). DPABI is available at

DPARSF Advanced Edition

DPARSF Advanced Edition is the most commonly used version of DPARSF.


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