What's wrong with my normalization?

I can't find my password back of the forum "http://rfmri.org/", and I can't creat a new account, so I post my question to the maillist directly.

Resting State Preprocessing (Graph Theory)


i have a question regarding the preprocessing of my resting state data for a subsequent investigation based on the graph theory. The common preprocessing procedure for a subsequently graph theory based estimation include the following steps:

* despike
* slice timing correction
* 3D motion correction
* Regression with motion parameters
* Register to MNI

Regarding Aurich et al. (2015) the following steps are also recommended to use:

VBM双样本T检验时mask file的选择问题

Hi,超赣,采用DPARSFA做VBM分析,使用new segment+DARTEL处理数据,未使用mask file进行双样本T检验后,结果显示脑外组织太多,又无法使用rest1.8自带的mask模板进行双样本T检验。DPARSFA new segment 默认的分割size的大小是多少?

Error with DPARSF in Matlab 2016a


Thank you for making these tools available to the public. I'm receiving the following error when I run DPARSF (latest version) in Matlab 2016a: 



AutoMask generates a white rectangle for a single subject


I am new to DPARSFA. AutoMask doesn't seem to be working for me. It runs without errors, but doesn't properly mask it brain. It just generates a white rectangle that covers the entire area. Screenshot is attached. Please advise. Thanks.

Error using Save subjects list in QC

Hi Dr. Yan,

When I used the "Save subjects list" in QC, there was a error:


How to add only ROI when I I finished the whole analysis?

Dear Chao-Gan,

I use the spm8, MatlabR2014b and DPSRASF basic 2.3_130615.

My analysis lasts 10 h for 20 patients. I would like add only next ROI. My question is,  who I have to choose a folder ? And sekend: do I have of defining "time point" again? I have mistake and  dparsf not responding. I've tried different ways.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Type of statistical test in GraphVar Turbo

Dear GraphVar team.

I just wanted to ask what sort of statistical tests are used while doing the following comparisons using GraphVar GLM Turbo (for reference I am using structural connectivity matrices from DTI tractography as inputs):

1) Having "Group" (patients vs controls) as a between factor and three variables as nuisance covariates. I.e. assessing differences between the two groups on graph metrics. Are the nuisance covariates regressed out prior to t-tests?


How to use the results of ANCOVA and make statistical inference?

Hi Yan,

I perfomed ANCOVA  and chose tukey as post hoc analysis to find the diffefence of 3 groups, however I don't know how to explain the results. 

An error occured when I tried to view the results of F.nii using dpabi viewer.


Error DPABI viewer under Matlab 2016a


It seems that I can't run DPABI properly under Matlab 2016a. When I start dpabi I get the following error and the logo doesn't show up (but dpabi starts without showing the logo): 



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