How to view the results of F.nii after ancova analysis


Sorry to bother you again. I  performed ANCOVA analysis with dpabi and obtained 10 nii images including the F.nii map. But I cannot view the results of F.nii using dpabi viewer. Some parameters of the F.nii can be viewed  in dpabi viewer overlay list (see below). 


Error in DPARSFA

Hi, we are using your toolbox DPARSFA (v4.2) with matlab R2014b

We followed the tutorial concerning the folder structure.
We selected  this parameters  :

When we compute the data, we have the following error message :


What's wrong with my normalization?

I can't find my password back of the forum "", and I can't creat a new account, so I post my question to the maillist directly.

Resting State Preprocessing (Graph Theory)


i have a question regarding the preprocessing of my resting state data for a subsequent investigation based on the graph theory. The common preprocessing procedure for a subsequently graph theory based estimation include the following steps:

* despike
* slice timing correction
* 3D motion correction
* Regression with motion parameters
* Register to MNI

Regarding Aurich et al. (2015) the following steps are also recommended to use:

VBM双样本T检验时mask file的选择问题

Hi,超赣,采用DPARSFA做VBM分析,使用new segment+DARTEL处理数据,未使用mask file进行双样本T检验后,结果显示脑外组织太多,又无法使用rest1.8自带的mask模板进行双样本T检验。DPARSFA new segment 默认的分割size的大小是多少?

Error with DPARSF in Matlab 2016a


Thank you for making these tools available to the public. I'm receiving the following error when I run DPARSF (latest version) in Matlab 2016a: 



AutoMask generates a white rectangle for a single subject


I am new to DPARSFA. AutoMask doesn't seem to be working for me. It runs without errors, but doesn't properly mask it brain. It just generates a white rectangle that covers the entire area. Screenshot is attached. Please advise. Thanks.

Error using Save subjects list in QC

Hi Dr. Yan,

When I used the "Save subjects list" in QC, there was a error:


How to add only ROI when I I finished the whole analysis?

Dear Chao-Gan,

I use the spm8, MatlabR2014b and DPSRASF basic 2.3_130615.

My analysis lasts 10 h for 20 patients. I would like add only next ROI. My question is,  who I have to choose a folder ? And sekend: do I have of defining "time point" again? I have mistake and  dparsf not responding. I've tried different ways.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Type of statistical test in GraphVar Turbo

Dear GraphVar team.

I just wanted to ask what sort of statistical tests are used while doing the following comparisons using GraphVar GLM Turbo (for reference I am using structural connectivity matrices from DTI tractography as inputs):

1) Having "Group" (patients vs controls) as a between factor and three variables as nuisance covariates. I.e. assessing differences between the two groups on graph metrics. Are the nuisance covariates regressed out prior to t-tests?



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