Question about ANOVA analysis

Dear Yan,


Bandpass filtering for Reho in DPARSF : which folder should i use ?

Hi everybody, our team (Lapsyde, Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education, Paris, France) have some questions about DPARSF toolbox and bandpass filtering for ReHo analysis.




Extracting data


Is it possible to extract local metric data (e.g., local efficiency values) from a single group regression analysis post regressing out nuisance variables? I.e. in a similar way as to select only control group or only patient group in group analysis at the bottom of the results viewer (I ran two separate analyses). That way I could plot local efficiency values on a specific node against a clinical measure.

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Working in native space


as I see, DPABI has the option to calculate measures like ALFF in native space and then to normalize the derivates and smooth the derivatives. On which article or method is this based on?





Building Connectivity Matrix from Task-based fMRI


I am new to analyzing network data, so i am a bit unsure how to turn raw nifti files which contain task based data into readable files to input into GraphVar for building a connectivity matrix. help?


Image Orientation

Dear readers,

I am wondering about the following circumstance:

I realigned my fMRI-images with DPARSF (s. realigned_image) but now I noticed that their orientation (anteriro-posterior) does not match that of the SPM template used for normalization (SPM_template). Is that a mistake of my own or does DPARSF change this orientation difference during normalization?

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Markus Loose



Regress covariates with DPARSF

Dear all, 

Thank you for the great toolbox. I am new at using DPARSF and I am still trying to familiarize with it. 


Frequency Band - Questions about ReHo and fALFF

Hi everybody, i've some questions about DPARSF and the frequency range which is selected for processing :

Q. 1 : If I want to chose a specific frequency band for ReHo analysis (like in this paper : doi:10.1371/

journal.pone.0086818.: IMF1 : (0.1-0.25 Hz), IMF2 (0.1-0.04 Hz)...), is this filter has to be used (cf screenshot) ?


ABIDE II dataset (The R-fMRI Maps project), Thanks.

Dear Dr. Yan,

I happen to find that there are probably something wrong with the fMRI data of subject 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29887' & 'ABIDEII-EMC_1_29888' (the R-fMRI Maps Project). For the EMC_1_29887, all the extracted features and the ROI signals are zero. For the EMC_1_29888, most of the extracted features are zero. Would you mind double checking these data? Thanks a lot.

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