Question about ALFF analysis

Dear all,

I am trying to do some of ALFF and fALFF analysis in resting -state, but I don't know if I am proceeding well. I just want to compare the activity in resting-state beteween two groups. Similar to this paper from Wang, Human Brain Mapping 32:1720–1740 (2011).

I did all the pre-processing in SPM and now I want to use this images for ALFF. 


Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping

Invitation to the Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, Canada, 27 June 2017

Invitation to the Annual Event of Chinese Young Scholars for Human Brain Mapping, Vancouver, Canada, 27 June 2017.


警告: STR2FUNC "C:\Program
> In DPARSFA at 24
  In dpabi>pushbutton_VBM_Callback at 199
  In gui_mainfcn at 95
  In dpabi at 42
  In @(hObject,eventdata)dpabi('pushbutton_VBM_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) 



Error Using Normalization


I am importing thresholded weighted, undirected matricies (symmetric) into GraphVar from an outside progam. These networks/matricies are all not fragmented (checked using the CheckFrag button). I am randomizing using the random_und_connected function however when I try to calculate cetain graph metrics such as betweenness centralitity, I get an error saying "Normalization error: some metrics derived from random networks result in zero which can not be used for normalization." 

Could someone please advise on what could be the issue? Thanks in advance!


GraphVar_v_1.03 Bugfix binary Clustering Coefficient

Dear GraphVar-users,

We found that in the GraphVar 1.0 update, the function to calculate the clustering coefficient
for binary undirected graphs was accidentally replaced with a function to calculate the number of
triangles around each node. The clustering coefficient, however, is defined as the number of triangles
around each node divided by the number of possible triangles. In other words, the values that were
returned are simply the unscaled form of the binary undirected clustering coefficient.





DPARSF Error/Bug Report Parallel Pool

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my experience about an error I got in DPARSF in case anyone else comes across it or in case the DPARSF creators want to fix this in future versions.

I have been running DPARSF jobs and they seem to fail a portion of the time somewhere after the initiation of the BET step.

Before this step, DPARSF requires user input (in my batch at least) saying "No co* images found" or something along those lines.



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