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some questions regarding the preprocessing steps

Hi experts,
I am using DPABI to perform Functional Connectivity. I have some questions regarding the preprocessing steps.
1)Does Preprocessing steps order matter for performing Functional Connectivity analysis? and which are the recommended preprocessing steps? because I have seen different groups used different steps order (e.g., FunImgARWCSDFB, FunImgARCFWS, FunImgARCWSF, etc)

quality control问题

各位老师好,我采用dpabi的quality control对被试进行筛选,在采用90%的group mask进行了阈值为mean+2*SD的coverage threshold后,几乎把所有的被试都筛除了,请问这是怎么回事呢??


Incorrect input of TR

Hi Dr. Yan,

I performed ALFF, fALFF, ReHo and DC by DPARSFA, starting from the directory FunImgARCW.

The input data of TR was 4 seconds by mistake, while the correct one should be 3 seconds.

My question is whether this incorrect input of TR would affect the final caculation.

Thank you in advance and best regards.



ReHo Preprocess

Hi. Eeveryone.

1. I was confused by the starting directory  while preprocessing ReHo. Should we start from FunImgARCW and check the "Filter" upon the option of  "Normalize by DARTEL " as shown in the ReHo.png.?


Apply mats


1 请问在DPASFA中用DownloadedReorientMats和Apply mats后,workdictionary里就不会生成QC和ReorientMats文件,对吗?

我的resting data 预处理时先是手动调整,发现workdictionary中会生成QC和ReorientMats文件,但是换成Apply Mats后workdictionary就没有这两个文件了。

2 如果某个被试的结构像不清晰,但是静息态数据头动在2mm范围以内,该被试的静息态数据还可以用吗?



Filtering changes the origin?

Hi DPARSF experts,

I have two questions concerning the filtering step of preprocessing. When I run filtering before normalization, the origin coordinates are moved away from the AC for some of my datasets (when I check "origin" with SPM's "Display" button)--which negatively impacts the ensuing steps. I could still do filtering after the normalization but: (1) does this make sense? and (2) why could this change in the origin be happening? I'm using DPARSFA V4.5_190725 on Matlab R2018b.

Thank you in advance,





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