TDA information

Dear Prof. Yan,

The TDA module was performed to calculate the concordance (the dynamic metrics was calculated before, e.g. the alff+falff, reho, DC and GSCorr ) and the error information was as follows,

Calculating Functional Connectivity by Seed based Correlation Anlyasis finished, elapsed time: 23.6406 seconds.

Warning: Directory already exists.

> In DPABI_TDA_run at 228

  In DPABI_TDA>btnRun_Callback at 931


DPABI output- ROIsignals.text differences

Dear Experts,
I re-ran 2 subjects through DPABI using the same parameters and ROIs that I used for the same two people that I ran as part of a larger group ( n=50).
When I compare the output folders FunImgARCFWS_ROISIGNALS/ROISIGNALS_subjectx of the same person, the ROI time courses look very different, even though I used the same parameters as before.
Would you know why that is? I can only imaging that in my prior analysis these two subjects were run as part of a different group? Does the ROISignals .text output gets normalized according to the included subjects?

error when use Permutation test



我使用的dpabi版本是V3.1, MATLAB2017,WINDOWS 系统。



1. 使用Dpabi中的统计分析进行ANOVA分析比较三组的FC差异



Error using y_ExtractROISignal (line 239)

I have 3 groups of subjects, and I am using a ROIList.mat file for all 3 groups. It works without issues for 2 groups. For the third, it gives below error. What does it mean?-
Error using y_ExtractROISignal (line 239)
An UndefinedFunction error was thrown on the workers for 'MaskROILabel'.  This might be because the file


the criterion of remaining subjects,afeter scrubbing

Dear all,

I want to use the data preprocessed to do the later analysis such as build a martix. But some subjects has limited timeseries when I finished scrubbing,which may result in a strange result. So I want to know how many time timeseries left in a subject( for my case ,the total time series are 180,first 5 were revoved at the very beginning part) is enough for further analysis.







i analyse rfMRI using DPARSF version 4.3 advanced

i get  the following error when Bet begin 


something wrong when using mutiple comparation correction in dpabi

Dear all, 

I have troubling in using  the mutiple  comparation correction in stastical analysis in dpabi .  1.The pic1 shows the error when I was using PT with TECE . It still happened when I changed to the latest version of dpabi or using windows10 or mac system.


cannot use surface view with brainnet viewer

Dear all:

          when  I use viewer in dpabi , i  cannot use surface view with brainnet viewer because it showed there was some mistakes.  Thanks for anyone can tell me what was wrong. Details are in the pic.


conj'c intemed golbal格式什么意思



对于我的三个f test,选择conjunction的时候是没有显著性差异体素的,但是选择intermed和global的时候是有的,但是不知道什么意思






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