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We used to use DPARSF_V2.3 to process rsfMRI data three years ago. When I set path "Working Directory", no participant is listed (showing) in "Participants". I have tried to set up a folder -  "FunImg/Subject001/.img/nii or a folder - "FunRaw/Subject001/.dicom".  What did I do wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,

Xingbao Li





         在用Dpabi做数据预处理时我们常用默认推荐的DARTEL做分割,然后配准到标准空间。但在了解一些DARTEL的知识后有了一个困惑:我所理解DARTEL是根据处理组中所有人的信息生成了specific template,然后基于这些template做配准。这样的活,如果我想在加入新的被试,那么我应该是将这个被试和之前已经处理的所有被试放在一组再重新处理一遍?毕竟上次处理DARTEL生成的specific template 并没有包含这个新来的被试信息。还是说只要将这个被试一个人重新做个预处理?这两种做法会有很大差异么?比如我想做个多站点的数据处理,由于不同站点的采集参数不同,我可能会将站点分开处理,这样应该每个站点都有自己的specific template,会对配准或分割有影响么?或者将分割前分站点处理,后面分割、配准到标准空间时再将所有站点放在一起处理?






Question about wAutomask

Dear all,

                Recently, I met some problems when I  used Dpabi for fMRI data preprocessing .

                1) Usually,after normalization,  error "Function 'subsindex' is not defined for values of class 'matlab.ui.Figure'." will be reported in matlab so that we couln't obtain PicturesForChkNormalization files. Our version of matlab is 2017b in Ubuntu 16.04, how do we work out this problem? Or what's recommend version  of matlab?


QA: ROI outlines/functional & structural

Dear DPABI users

Would it possible to generate a QA report for ROI outlines overlay on the top of functional & strcutral images in MNI space?

Thanks for considering my request.

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Two Post-doc Positions in Lisbon, Portugal

Two Post-Doc positions opened at the Biomedical Neuroscience Lab (; PI: Dr Diana Prata, with double affiliation in King’s College London), at the University of Lisbon - for research in human social neuroscience and the oxytocin and the dopamine systems in a highly interdisciplinary 3-year project involving pharmacology, genetics and a range of psychophysiological techniques.

Error in timepoints for preprocessed data in DPARSF V2.1

Dear Expert,

I am running rs-fMRI demo data provided on your website for 3 subjects on DPARSF V2.1  for ALFF and ReHo calculation. I preprocessed data till smoothing on SPM12 running on Matlab R2016a. After preprocessing I put all the data in FunImgNormalizedSmoothed folder. For detrending and filtering when I use DPARSF V2.1, I am getting an error for timepoints (screenshot attached). 

Any help would be appreciated.

Happy New Year 2019!

Dear Researchers at The R-fMRI Network,

Happy New Year 2019!

Thank you very much for spending another year with us, let’s welcome an exciting new year of 2019!




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