Compatibilty of DPABI/DPARSF with BRAPH


I used DPARSFA to extract ROI time courses of one subject in order to be able to perform graph theory analysis (in BRAPH). I dont know if you know this software tool but if you dont maybe you can read this artcile: 'BRAPH: A graph theory software for the analysis of brain connectivity'.


REST-meta-MDD Consortium Data Sharing

(Note: Part of the content of this post was adapted from the original REST-meta-MDD PNAS paper ( under CC BY-NC-ND license.)

error while VBM analysis



Multiple Comparisons Correction Error

Dear Professor,I'm sorry to disturb you.Whether I do alphasim or GRF, it will make such a mistake. Where is this wrong?


Anyone who knows this error? I have never seen this

My data flie names used to begin with "A", which can cause error. To avoid that error, I change the names into number "1, 2, ... , n". And this time I chose 2 tamplets when I defined the ROI. And this time a new error appears when it comes to the step of reorient. 

My data form is NIfTI, and I didn't choose "EPI DICOM to NIFTI" during my set up process.

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to your reply!



1.用FWE p<0.05和FDR校正之后都没有阳性结果,还有没有别的什么办法试一试?
FWHMx = 2.441508 voxels
FWHMy = 2.720537 voxels
FWHMz = 2.242795 voxels
FWHMx = 7.324525 mm
FWHMy = 8.161612 mm
FWHMz = 6.728385 mm
DLH = 0.313762
VOLUME = 52355
RESELS = 14.897124
Regression Calculation finished.
Two Sample T Test Calculation finished.


Help on Script for extracting ROI signal from individual mask for each subject

Dear DPABI experts,

I want to extract ROI signal for each subject using individual mask, which means different subjects needs to be entered into different masks (each masks have N ROIs). I know that DPABI-Utilities-ROI Signal Extractor can help me to achieve this by extracting the signals one subject by one subject (which is very useful!). Howver, I have a lot of subjects and I would like to try if there is any script can help me to do this within loop.



错误使用 y_FD_Jenkinson
出错 DPARSFA_run (line 906)
            FD_Jenkinson = y_FD_Jenkinson(,RefFile);
出错 DPARSF_run (line 113)
[Error] = DPARSFA_run(Cfg);
出错 DPARSF>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1154)
出错 gui_mainfcn (line 95)
出错 DPARSF (line 52)



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