PALM running error

Good afternoon, Dr. Yan.
I performed a two sample T-test with ALFF. PALM could run without covariate images. However, error occurred when PALM ran with covariate images. Statistic set and error report were shown in the pics. And there is no space in all paths.
I had try  the analysis on Matlab2014a in Windows as well as on Matlab2016b in Linux system. Both of them reported the same error. How to deal with this error?  
Look forward to your reply.







Nuisance Covariates regression 应在Normalize 之前还是之后?

想请教一下各位老师,Nuisance  Covariates regression 应在Normalize 和smooth之前还是之后?因为在Dapbi基础版中默认的是在最后做Nuisance  Covariates regression,而在高级版中又是在Normalize 之前做,所以感到很困惑?

error during final exporting of xls

We modified the parcellation in GraphVar 2.02 and added in house rat brain atlas. Everything seems fine up until final stage of exporting. We think it might be callback of different atlas (human) but not sure. We are using Matlab 2017a. Here is the error message. Thank you for any help you can provide:



How to deal with behavioral variables correlated with mean framewise displacement (FD)?

Dear all,

As the requirment for resting-state fMRI studies on controlling head motion is becoming stricter and stricter. Typically we have to use a more stringent criteria to exclude participants for the head motion. For example, conducting scrubbing in the preprocessing and excluding participants who have large mean framewise displacement (FD) (e.g., FD > 0.2, 0.15). And we also need to make sure that our behavioral variables are not correlated with the mean FD, to convice the reviwers that our results are not influenced by the head motion.

DPARSF for multi-slice data


is it possible to use DPARSF for multi-slice data? As I understood, it is necessary to input the exact slice-timings in ms for slice-timing correction. However DPARSF only allows for the specification of the slice order. Is it maybe possible to just enter the slice-timings in the slice-order field?

thanks for the help.


dpabi-Standardization module


dpabi-Standardization module



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