statistical manual

I'm new to dpabi. I find it a very interesting tool.

Is there anywhere a manual for dpabi?

Specifically I need help as to the statistical analysis. 

I saw the course, but there is no details there as to how to insert covariates (format ect), how to correct for MC, what are the implementation of using the different files created (z, m, ect)

Any link to clear descriptions will help



3 Research Fellowships in Neuroimaging at the Univerisity of Bari, Italy

The Group of Psychiatric Neuroscience at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy) aims to discover
the biological sources of differences between individuals that make them at risk of - or resilient to -
psychiatric disorders.
We will publish 3 calls for research fellowships in neuroimaging in different projects with
multiple PIs. One of the positions is reserved for magnetoencephalography (1 year renewable up to
4 years, funding already secured; official call here), the other two for fMRI (1 for 1 year renewable,

DPABISurf help

Hi DPABI team,


Hi DPABI team,

Normalizing "Clustering Coefficient local"

Dear all,

I want to normalize the local CC. In contrast to the global CC and global and local characteristic path length, however, I encounter the following error:

"Normalization error: some metrics derived from random networks result in zero which cannot be used for normalization."

Is there any way I can solve this? When  I look into the MATLAB file, the file truly contains several zeros. How is this possible?

Thank you so much!






errors when slice timing

Dear all REST experts:

normalization problem


我按照严老师的dparsfa 的V4模板参数跑了rs fMRI, 没有报错。但是跑完后进行QC的时候发现有几个被试的配准特别差,如下图。我查了他们的静息态和T1都没有问题,想请问一下为什么出现这个问题?是否能纠正以及如何纠正?





Predefined Types:

consulting the CAT12 and VBM analysis of DPABI

Prof. Yan,

                 Hei, I want to consult that whether the VBM analysis of DPARSF Advanced Edition in DPABI_V4.2_190919 is based on the processing step of CAT12 of SPM12 ?   



有一些被试voxel size是1.8 1.8 5,这样的被试平滑核设置为多少才合适呢?


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