The issue with ALFF, fALFF, ReHo and FC results

Dear R-fMRI, 

1. I did pre-processing and got the ALFF, fALFF, ReHo results by DPARSF, and then I used zALFF, zfALFF, zReHo files for the 2 sample t-test which I did in the SPM12. But there are some activation regions outside the brain, and the results look very strange. What should I do? Do these results convincing? 

DPARSF preprocessing error - normalisation

Hi Dpabi experts, 

I’m trying to use your toolbox Dpabi to preprocess our fMRI data. It is a brilliant toolbox, but every time when it approached normalization step, the error message popped out (attached at last). The toolbox was run on Matlab 2019a, MacOS Mojave. 

DPABISurf Two sample T test

Hello teachers!

I still can not use PLAM when analyzing FC in ROIs,in DPABISurf Viewer,I have results if  the P value is equal to 0.05,but no one in the 0.01.

Can I report this kind of results?If I only focus on the default mode network in both volume and surface space ,how to deal with it?Or ueing the mask of Yeo 7 networks is enough?

Thx a lot.

dpabi slice viewe error

Dear Professor

When I use slice view to do correction no matter which one I chose (FDR or GRF), It always report errors. Please see the figures attached. Could you help me find out what's the problem is? Thanks


My best,


Joy Kou



I have a trouble uploading the data direcoty on DPARSF for doing some processing. Even though I watch the course, I could not get why I can not upload the direcoty and have the list of subject's folder in the assigned window. 

At this time I have all preprocessed rsfMRI data and just want to get ALFF/fALFF/ReHO stuff. 

Can you please let me know first of all if I can you DPARSF for just this purpose with not doing preprocessing and just ALFF/FALFF/ReHo stuff?

Slice Timing for mutiband data in DPARSF GUI


Dear Dr. Yan,

     I already have the “SliceOrderInfo**.txt” for MultiBand data. And in DPARSF GUI, the slice number as 0, but what is the “Slice order” and “Reference slice” should be?


DPABI Surf statistical analysis problem

Dear professor 

The fMRI were processed via DPABI surf, and Alff and Reho results were acquired. However, the errors occurred when statistical analysis was conducted.

Could you please help deal with this issue?

VMHC computing error and functional connectivity / ReHo results

Dear Experts,

I have two questions. The first one is regarding the results of functional connectivity analysis and ReHo.

permutation text


我在进行双样本t检验统计分析,AD组27人,NC组20人,以灰质密度、mean FD和年龄作为协变量分析,做的TFCE、two tail,在运行没多久就报错,所以想问问老师是什么原因?应该采取什么措施继续把TFCE做下去?



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