the problem when i use the Functional connectivity

when i use the Functional connectivity to analysis a patient's data,i meet a problem ,I think i  finish the programme as suggested in the video,but after i typing the DONE ALL,there is an error jumping out:

Expection occured:
Error using==>rest_Writeniftilmage at 92 Meet error while writing the data,

i do not know what that mean,hope can be told as soon as possible.thanks.


Problem reading images

REST seems to have trouble reading in some of my image files, giving me the error below. I'm not sure why this is the case, as it works fine with other data sets. I can view the images and read them into other analysis programs fine. Any help on how I can troubleshoot this problem is much appreciated.


Seed ROI coordinate

Dear RESTers,
I am using Functional Connectivity of REST 1.3. In the Set ROI-->Voxel wise-->Seed ROI--->Define a seed ROI by setting the center cordinate and the radius, I need to input a set of coordinate. Is that Talairach or MNI?



大家好!我又有问题了。按照多媒体教材的步骤,我做到单样本检验,目前都没有问题。现在我把一个病人和一个健康人建好Mask,做双样本检验,在estimate这一步总是显示no sign voxel,result就显示不出结果。还有如果我要比较10个病人和10个健康人群前额叶局部一致性,低频振幅的差别怎么做呢,还是双样本检验吗?好像双样本的Mask只能由一个病人和一个健康对照的做出来。


functional connectivity in individual space

First thank you for this toolbox that open new perpectives.
I am trying to perform functional connectivity in non normalized space in patients with glial tumors.
 For this purpose I create a brain mask coregistered with the functional data (same number of slices and voxel size)
However at the last step of computing functional connectivity an exception occured.

Computing functional connectivity with: "C:\Aram\IRM\Brain data base Siemens\chirurgie eveillee\Brossard\resting state raw\rest_detrend_detrend_filtered"


Error message using functional connectivity

I'm trying to run functional connectivity on a MacBook and I received the following error message when trying to perform. The error message is 

Error using ==> rest_WriteNiftiImage at 92
Meet error while writing the data

This is what shows up in MATLAB
Exception occured.    ()
    Error using ==> rest_WriteNiftiImage at 92
Meet error while writing the data



We are trying to learn your programs to do functional connectivity in TBI (traumatic brain injury).  We have a large group and have been using several MRI methods including DTI, SWI and MRS.  I’ve wanted to use Fc for some time now and found your programs while searching on the SPM website.   I was able to run an Fc analysis last night but without removing regressors of noninterest.  I would like to use all features of both programs but have some questions.  I did register but am in a time crunch so thought I might get faster answers to my questions.&nbsp



将静息态数据经spm预处理(未将前面10个时间点去掉)后,至rest1.3版本软件进行detrend和filter操作,detrend很顺利,也生成_detrend的文件,然后做filter,总是显示can not witer file,也没有声称相应的_filter文件,我的metlab软件是6.5.1版本的,请问可能是什么原因造成,还有不做filter对后序数据处理有什么影响?



提示语是 "Error using>test_readniftiimage Meet error while reading the data",请问我该如何处理,是什么问题?谢谢!


About preprocessing the resting state fMRI data

Hi, REST exparts
 Thank you for releasing convenient tool called DPARSF. I have some questions about that.



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