about reliability of the Reho

I've been doing research on Reho reliability recently.In the meantime, I use DPARSFA for data preprocessing,Then I had some problems.first,Should I choose smooth derivatives?second,if I choose smooth derivatives,I'll get two folders :Results and ResultsS. I will get the mReho,Reho,zReho and smReho ,sReho ,szReho,Which file is generally used to analyze the reliability of Reho?



Schaefer2018_400Parcels_7Networks_order_FSLMNI152_1mm.nii and MNI coordiantes

Dear DPARSF developers

Thanks for the recent updates.

How to extract the corresponding coordinates in MNI space for Schaefer2018_400Parcels_7Networks?


Best wishes

Larry Lai





What is the meaning of this document T2.nii_Cohen_f2?

After completing the two-sample t-test by SA, two files were generated:T2& T2.nii_Cohen_f2.

What is the meaning of this document T2.nii_Cohen_f2?


Detailed description of head motion scrubbing regressors

Dear Yan,

I did a "head motion scrubbing regressors" in the nuisance regression step in DPARSFA in my study. The reviewer asked me how this was performed in detail. I know this is different from the "scrubbing" at the bottom of DPARSFA, so it's inappropriate to cite Power et al., 2012. But is there any reference that I can refer to? Is the processing the same to what the FSL's motion outliers tool (http://fsl.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fslwiki/FSLMotionOutliers) does?

Thank you so much.



How to use "Extract ROI time courses" separately?

Hi, pro. Yan

I had used DPARSF A computed whole-brain  FC  with a specific ROI (a sphere) a few days ago, and I have the individual FC results.

Now, I want to extract the time courses of a specific region (already have the mask) in these individual results image

Can DPARSF A achieve that?

How should I do?

Particularly, I do not know what is the right "Starting Directory Name".

Thanks for your reply!





T Statistical Image from Paired T-test

Dear experts:

I performed a paired t-test and the output were the TP.nii  image and the effect size map. I could not find information about the output in the online courses.

Would you explain how I should make sense of this T statistical image output ( including the 3 values: P, Thrd and the one on the very top under Brain Images catogory?

How do I know if there is a significant difference between the 2 conditions that I have given from this image? Does P stand for P-value, if I set it up to 0.05, what information should I look for?


Montage view and Overlay

Montage view and Overlay-

a) How do I get the slice number, the L/R orientation, and the color bar to show on the montage view? I don't see any options either in the Viewer or the Montage gui.

b) in the Viewer, the Overlay looks quite pixelated; is there a way to change that? [I have used the szReHomaps from the ResultsS/ReHo_FunImgARCWF/ folder to compute the stats.


Thanks much.













预处理时设置的平滑和为FWHM[4 4 4], 相关分析后结果图像的平滑和只有5,感觉比较奇怪,可能出错了,请问可能是什么原因导致的?




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