Questions about results and resultss folder

Dear Experts

Which results folder should I choose for further statistical analysis ? What are the differences?

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DPABI Error after normalization

Hello, after the normalization step, after the files have been moved, I get this below error. 

The folder "PicturesForChkNormalization" has been created but has not been populated. It is empty. Any suggestions on what could be the issue? Thanks.


Error using subsindex


Additional Regressors added in the DPARSFA

Dear inventors:

I have a question about the function of "Other covariates", which is the next to the Nuisance regressors function (please see the attached captured picture) in the DPARSFA GUI.

If we have generated other physiological regressors such RETROICOR phases using electro-cardiogram(ECG) signals, is it possible to add those additional regressors in the DPARSFA using the function of "Other covariates" for each subject? Or is there any way to add those additional regressors using DPARSF?







error message when running sample data


I am running through the sample data included with GraphVar as I am a new user. I am using matlab 2014A. I am running GLM and just trying to look at IQ correlation to FC and whenever I select calculate and statistics I receive the following error message. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong if if something may have gone wrong with installation? Thank you.


Reference to non-existent field 'tabgroup2'.



Error using palm_takeargs (line 1133)
Unknown option: "E:\results\Temp\Design.csv"
Error in palm_core (line 33)
[opts,plm] = palm_takeargs(varargin{:});
Error in palm (line 81)
Error in y_GroupAnalysis_PermutationTest_Image (line 102)
Error in y_TTest2_Image (line 81)


the difference for the FDR between the Xjview and the DPABI

Hi experts, 

       I do a statistic analysis for a task-based fmri with SPM.  When seeing the results, I used the software with the Xjview and DPABI Viewer. I found some discrepancy of results between the Xjview and DPABI. when using the Xjview, there is no cluster remained when the FDR was sett at p=0.05 and the enxtended  voxels were 10. However there are two clusters remained when the FDR(DPABI) is set the q value=0.05 and the mask is the group mask. 


Taxonomy upgrade extras:

Predefined Types:

Questions about output folders


Dear forum, I have a question about the meaning of the output folders. I am using DPARSF 4.3,  


I undestand that  "FunImgARWSD " means  it has done - slice timing, realign, normalize, smooth, detrend,

but I am not clear about the following folders, what do they mean? 


How to do statistical analysis after getting the results of Temporal dynamic analysis?

Hi Prof.Yan,
Thanks for the wonderful tools you have provided, especially for coming with thoughtful instructional videos, which gave me insight into the fundemental principles of resting-fmri, and greatly inspired me.




1、用已经转换好格式(nii)的数据来做alff+falff,图0是Dpabi设置参数截图,刚开始我还点了cropT1,结果这步似乎是第一个做,报了错“Error using DPARSFA_run>(parfor body) (line 439)

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.”(图1),然后我看了T1Img文件夹发现有的被试下有前缀为c的新文件,有的没有,我觉得没有的可能是因为no need to delete slice,所以不需要创建新的c开头文件。但是下一步reorient命令可能只认c开头文件,于是我复制原始文件加c开头补全所有被试。结果可以继续运行下去了,不知道这样做可以么?其实只有这组数据有这个情况,别的数据没有c开头文件也可以,不知道什么原因。

2、处理完数据检查过程中的文件发现一个问题,FunImgARCW应该是已经差不多预处理好的文件,我用Dpabi viewr打开查看,发现几乎覆盖整个空间,如图2,FunImgARC也如此,这是正常的么?我之前用FSL和AFNI做结果只出现在大脑中,如图3。是BET问题么?


Slice scan order


I am doing some pre-processing on ADNI datasets, but I can't find the exact slice timing information, I've tried to find the series for the MRI machine, but I can only find these informations: Philips, 1.5T or 3T, default slice scan order.

But what's the default slice scan order? Is it 1,3,5...2,4,6... or ...6,4,2...5,3,1?

Thanks for your precious time and looking forward to your reply.


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