What should pay attention to make mask in DPASF?

I willing to do resting state functional connectivity ,need to know  3 ROI(MNI),but I found actices  almost did not  say them.So I want to make 3 mask as the ROIs  in DPARSF,but not sure what should pay attention to.(just do it or other?The mask are made by WFU_PickAtlas ).THANK YOU!


You may add your mask as ROI with the "+ mask" button in the "define ROI > define other ROI" module. Then start with the FunImgARCWF data. 

Thank you!And,do you know If there is no clear to tell if is the MNI  ROI   ,in the article, generally think it is MNI?

 You can double check with DPABI_VIEW, which shows MNI coordinate. Or you can e-mail author to ask them?

If not specified, usually you can assume it's MNI.