Unable to Select Within ID

Hello GraphVar experts,
I would like to compare connectivity between two groups (patients and controls) over time (pre-/post-treatment) using a GLM. Based on the manual and tutorials, I believe I should enter "group" as a Between Factor and then choose Subj_ID under Select Within ID. However, I cannot open the Select Within ID menu--when I click the button, Matlab returns "Undefined function handle. Error while evaluating UIControl Callback." I am fairly certain that I have my variables and .mat files set up correctly, and that I have correctly specified the Subjectname in my filenames. 

I have also tried to follow the tutorial for a within design I using the sampleworkspace data exactly as explained in the Turbo GLM Tutorial, but I have the same problem when trying to open the Select Within ID menu, which also makes me think that my file setup is not the problem.

Does anyone know why this may be happening and how I can fix it? 

Thank you!



Hello Jeff!

We are sorry you are experiencing difficulties. Could you specify which version of MATLAB you are using and which version of GraphVar you've installed?

Best wishes,

Anastasia Brovkin

Hi Anastasia,

Thanks for your response and sorry for my slow reply.

I'm using Matlab 2016a and GraphVar 2.01.

Thanks again,