Statistical methods

Reviewer Comment:

The authors responded to my earlier comment as follows, “The significant level of all results was set at p<0.01 in revision.” However, it is still unclear how to threshold statistical analyses. Was the threshold of p<0.01 used for voxel-level threshold (i.e., cluster-forming height threshold) or cluster-level threshold? Please comment. What was voxel-level threshold used? If p<0.01 was used for cluster-level threshold, why did the authors use the cluster-level threshold of p<0.01, corrected, rather than p<0.05, corrected? This should be clarified and justified.

老师您好,请问voxel-level threshold 和cluster-level threshold分别是什么?为什么cluster-level threshold要设置为0.05呢?


你应该使用的是alphasim矫正吧,在alphasim矫正中,你应该是首先卡了一个voxel水平的p < 0.01阈限,然后在cluster水平下卡了p < 0.05算出最小的显著团块的大小(默认设置下)。如果你没有进行其它操作,那么你的cluster水平阈限应当就是p < 0.05。

审稿人的意见不好回应,建议你试一下PT with TFCE看看有没有结果。