ReHo results

Dear Dr. Yan,


We have a question about the results in  ReHo_FunImgARCFWS.

We performed ReHo analysis and did smoothing at the end. 

In the ReHo_FunImgARCFWS folder, we got  sReHoMap, szReHoMap, zReHoMap.

We are curious is it correct to use zReHoMap for SPM t-test? or should we use szReHoMap?

Thank you ,



You may use the sz- ones, cause it's smoothed and Z-standardized version.


  Dear puyunfashi,


Thank you for the reply. When we used szReHo for paired-ttest, it turned out to be error-like.

But when we used zReHo, there was no such problem (it showed brain areas activated).

We are wondering if zReHo is already smoothed? or must take szReHo?


Thank you again