mReHoMap_xx.nii" does not exist.



I got the following error:


Running job #2
Running 'Smooth'
Failed  'Smooth'
Error using spm_vol>spm_vol_hdr (line 80)
File "\\Client\H$\testrun4\Results\ReHo_FunImgRSCF\mReHoMap_602.nii" does not exist.
In file "C:\spm12\spm_vol.m" (v5958), function "spm_vol_hdr" at line 80.
In file "C:\spm12\spm_vol.m" (v5958), function "spm_vol" at line 61.
In file "C:\spm12\spm_smooth.m" (v4419), function "spm_smooth" at line 33.
In file "C:\spm12\config\spm_run_smooth.m" (v3915), function "spm_run_smooth" at line 20.
The following modules did not run:
Failed: Smooth
Error using MATLABbatch system
Job execution failed. The full log of this run can be found in MATLAB command window, starting with the lines (look for the line showing the exact #job as displayed in this error message)
Running job #2
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback

When I go into that folder I can only find two files:



I'm running 8 subjects as a test, so it only made those two files for one subject and it didn't make the file mReHoMap_602.nii

Does anyone know what is the problem here?


You interuppted the processing and tried to continue the process?

I'm sorry, I found the solution already, it had something to do with where DPABI was located on the computer