Correlation Analysis and Between-subject interaction problem

Dear Professor Yan Chao-Gan and rfmri workers
Thank you and your colleagues for their hard work. Dpabi is always a useful and reliable analytical tool. Your courses and weekly groupcast videos are great tutorials.
Now I have 3 questions:
1. My subjects were divided into addiction group(IGD) and entertainment group(RGU) by Internet gaming disorder questionnaire.  At the same time, they also did other questionnaires. For example this two group have significant different in  Porifleor Mood Saetts(POMS). I want to know does this two group have different correlation between POMS score and rfMRI-index(e,g. ReHo,DC, FC). But in the video Course V2.2, you said it's meaningless to compare the difference between MCI subjects' correlation with MMSE and NC subjects correlation with MMSE. 
Now, I combine them into one group, and do one Correlation Analysis, Correction, save the cluster as mask, use the  ROI Signal Extractor,do independent samples  T test in SPSS. 
So, my problem is "Is this process OK?"“Or, I can use Dpabi do more correctly analysis?
2. I have two between-subjects Independent variable. How can I analysis the interaction effect(group*gender).  
How can I modify the y_GroupAnalysis_Image.m to Achieve this goal?


3. I have two group fMRI date from two MRI screen, they have same TR. If I want to analysis, what should I do?

Thanks a lot




1. You'd better do a interaction analysis. You have to learn to design your own regressors.

2. Make a regressor of group.*POMS.

3. Avoid that. The only thing you can do is add a covarite to control that.

Dear Professor Yan Chao-Gan

Thank you for your reply!

1.For the first question. In other words, if I want to compare the Correlation of the two groups to the questionaries separately, I need to do an interaction?

2.Same as the first question, I should use the code 'y_GroupAnalysis_Image.m'.How do I use this function?



1. Yes.

2. Hard to explain here if you don't have programming skills. Try to learn some matlab programming skill and read this function carefully.