Applying a priori segmentation masks in GLM


I am trying to use DPARSFA to regress out nuisance variables(WM,CSF,global mean, and 24 Friston motion parameters), detrend, and apply a bandpass filter to data that has already been preprocessed in another software package. The steps that have already been carried out include:

  • field map correction
  • slice time correction
  • realignment
  • coregistration
  • segmentation
  • normalization to MNI template

Is it possible to use the WM, CSF, and brain masks that were already generated as part of the segmentation process in the other software? I would greatly like to avoid redoing segmentation via DARTEL in DPARSFA, given that it has already been done and I have the masks. I see the option for using a "user defined mask" and have selected the brain mask. Please let me know if DPARSFA is the right software to tackle the problem I am trying to address. I would be happy to supply any additional information that would be helpful, below is a screenshot of my current settings for a test subject.

Thank you,







You can.

You need to put the WM and CSF files into








You also have to check the other "Nuisance Covariates Regression" check box on the left of "ALFF+fALFF". And setup Segmentation mask and thresholds.

Then it should work.