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error after slice timing


Question about output of functional connectivity analysis


We recently used REST to run a seed-to-voxel connectivity analysis with
various ROIs. We are interested in extracting the correlation coefficients
for each subject so that we can look for relations with symptom severity.
For each subject, there is an ROI_FC_map.txt file. There are 12 columns
(for each ROI) and 160 rows (for each time point). However, I am confused
since many of the values are greater than 1. Are these values supposed to
be correlation coefficients (between -1 and +1)? Did we mess something up?


Nuissance Regressor Estimate

Hi RfMRI-team,

I am trying to replicate results of a previous published study before
moving ahead. We are having trouble replicating so we need to know
specifics about how DPARSF Version 3.2 performs the nuissance regression
(motion, CSF and WM). This is the how the team whose results we are trying
to replicate did their pre-processing:

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