how to reorient these 3danat images

Hi everyone,
i have accounted such problems, and i do not know how to reorient these iamges to normal position.
please help me.
thanks very much.

Error Scrubbing

Dear all,

I've been working with DPARSF to preprocess resting-state fMRI data.

I got an error for a few of my subjects when I applied scrubbing (FD Power,
threshold: 0.5, Linear Interpolation) - Please see the error below.

Do you know why this happened? Is it possible that this error came out
because these few subjects have not moved that much and therefore scrubbing
is not required?

Fw: 第十三届fMRI培训班通知-2015(北京)





ReDo Nuisance Covariates Regression

Dear Prof. Yan,

Thanks for developing such a helpful toolkit.

Currently, after I went through the whole processing and extracted some
interesting ROI time course, may I redo the step of "Nuisance covariate
regression " for removing some specific signal attributed by some ROI

then, which "starting Directory Name" I should use?
please don't tell me that I should redo the whole processing from the
you know that "Reorient Fun/T1" and "New Segment+DARTEL" are really time

Starting rsfMRI analysis

Hi all,

I have just decided to analysis my rsfMRI data using dpabi. However I am
struggling of how to run it.

Basically, I have two groups: patients and healthy. I have arranged my data
as the following and all the data are in nii (nifti).

1- rsfMRI/patients/rsfMRI/S1.nii;S2.nii;S3.nii...etc. So all the imaging
files are in one folder and named S1,S2..etc.

2- rsfMRI/patients/T1/S1.nii;S2.nii;S3.nii..etc. So again similar to the

I also have two other similar folders for the second group.

Error while loading CONN Project

Dear sir,

While we try to load the CONN project file we are getting the following
error (Error Pic attached with this. In step 1 we open project drop down
and choose the "project" file we want to run. After this it pops an error
as shown in Fig 2 (Step 2 The immediate error....). We then say cancel and
try to enter the next step and we get the suggestions as in Fig 3 (Step 3
the suggestions .....).

The data is currently on a 1 TB external hard disk and the analysis is
being run on the harddisk.

Kindly review through and advice.

Error following No co*T1 Image


Following a response of "yes" to proceed without Co*T1 image. I am
using Matlab 14a, SPM8, and latest version of dpabi.

Neuroinformatician blog

Dear All Neuroinformatician

help for DPARSF

Hello ,everyone!
I'm a beginner of DPABI
When i use Dparsf Basic Edition , there is someting wrong ....
Realy thanks all of you


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