is Dpabi compatible with Matlab2016 ?


Resampling Masks after preprocessing

Dear Dr. / Yan:

     I am using DPABI to process resting state data of mice. I used it for the preprocessing and it worked perfectly after changing the rat templateinto a mouse template. Now I am trying to calculate the ReHo, ALFF, fALFF, FC, ... maps, but the program always write ..(resampling masks of WM, GM and CSF). I checked theses masks in the template folder and appparently they belong to humans not rats. I used my own mask, but it still displays the same lines.


Different functional connectivity results

Dear all



I'm using DPARSF for 12 subjects. 

Today I found that in one subject, functional connectivity images from all 4 sessions of BOLD resting state fMRI have different image from others. 

Here I attached a screenshot, left one is different from right normal image. 

I did every analysis in same procedure and checked several times. 

It seems like participants moved during measurement, but when I checked a realignment parameter, movement is less than 0.5mm. 

DPARSF error during S2_FunImgARWSFCB

Dear all 
I'm using DPARSF for analyze resting state fMRI data from 12 subjects. 
I have an error message after smoothing, from only 1 subject. 
Error message :
Read these 3D EPI functional images. wait...
Read 3D EPI functional images: "/server/fo2-13/data/Dyspepsia/Control/dyspepsia_con6/Dy_06_HH/REST_Zoomit/S2_FunImgARWSFCB/Sub_001".Error using rest_spm_slice_vol
File too small.

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DPARSF ROI definition

I m quite new for this field.
I m trying to choose simultaneously AAL and CC200 roi for ROI correlation
FisherZ matrix.
Finally I have 316x316 Matrix (AAL 116 and CC200).
For the next step I hope divide this for 2 matrices.
Which can I divide first 116 or 200 from 316 for each row and column ?

I appreciate any advice

Thank you




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